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You are long time!

Although Tokyo is a season which is surprised by heavy snow, the new year comes in the twinkling of an eye, and is it fine and are you passing it the day before yesterday?

Now -- since I introduce each time the short course recipe which suited at the season that it should help coloring your great season by C's Cooking this year also !
Thank you for your consideration !

If this time comes every year, various Valentine sweets will begin to debut at the shop front of a department store.
Is how to pass your St Valentine's Day this year already decided on?

As for the Valentine sweets of this C's Cooking, making sweets is an easy recipe with which Ho, beginners, also tends to challenge.

And I introduce a recipe out of which the comment of surprise by from the given peoples "You did not buy this and it is handmade of you ?"--appearance carries out !

1.Cheese Cake with Chocolate Chip

This Cheese cake is perfect for that person of an adult who is poor at a sweet thing!
Also this cake has the effective scent of Cointreau, which is so gorgeous!
How about directing grown-up you in Valentine’s day this year?

2.Orange peel and Walnut brownie

Since 50% cacao and milk chocolate are being used for this brownie, sweetness is moderate.
If the astringent taste of the skin of a walnut and the freshness of an orange peel are added and the scent of Cointreau is attached, it will just be completion of the brownie for an adult.
Just, please try the delicacy in which a hand is extended.!!

3.Two sorts of ganache (Prune/Apricot)
The combination of dried fruit and a chocolate is delicacy which is effective also as for alcohol although it can make easily, and becomes Infatuation!

* Black chocolate + Prune ->

The prune ganache which sprinkled the slice almond on the surroundings is one extreme article which thick of a black chocolate and a deep taste of the prune matched!

* White chocolate +Apricot ->

if it uses soaking in hot water and making it soft, a scent just like a peach will be added, and if a dried apricot is set by the surrounding coconut and a white chocolate, it will disguise itself as the Orient taste!

4. Salt Nuts Chocolate Caramel

The caramels of the salt air taste are popular small sweets.
It is the original which covered this time, used the almond, the cashew nut, and the pistachio sumptuously, and also put in chocolate!
It is one article recommend which can challenge easily also for beginners!

More than do four Valentine's sweets workshop dates below!

Please choose the Guide recipes to our making your favorite recipes on your favorite times. And please send a e-mail for 2 days before lesson times, to address as follows;

【This month's recipes】
From the four above, please choose your favorite recipes!

【Training time of the month】
1/26 (Sat.)
1. 14:00 - 16:00
2. 17:00 - 19:00

2/3 (Sun.)
1.11:00 - 13:00
2.14:00 - 16:00
3.17:00 - 19:00

2/9 (Sat.)
1. 14:00 - 16:00
2. 17:00 - 19:00

2/11 (public holiday: Mon.)
1.11:00 - 13:00
2.14:00 - 16:00
3.17:00 - 19:00

【Course venue】: Suitengu-mae(TOKYO METRO, HANZOMON Line)

Training cost :5,000 yen

Because each session and also will be served reservation, please contact soon to address below it.
# by ciscooking | 2013-01-17 14:39 | Confectionary lesson
Introduction for Valentine's day season, the Kokoro nor the body warm, well, to spend the winter of that year a little hot, can easily in C's Cooking Recipes!

1. Pizza Lotus and potherb mustard

According to Ms. Daughter Kopa (she is one of fortuneteller in JAPAN), this year's lucky food is root vegetables!
On the Valentine's day this year ,we introduce of Lotus, representative of winter root vegetables with easy recipes!

On this pizza dough using the spring roll skin, piled up three beaten eggs and bake for 8 minutes in a gas oven, sprinkle the sliced Lotus root, pizza cheese for completion!
Lotus root with feel and spring roll skin in no longer gone around enjoy crisp flake!

Lotus is rich in vitamin amount equivalent to 1.2 times the mandarin orange included.Vitamin c is weak and heat naturally and heated Lotus root starch quality mainly for is easily decomposed. Vitamin is a nutrient to prevent colds, preventing aging skin and skin help beauty!

2. Cabbage Pie

Cabbage and sliced sausage with butter stir, wrapped in pie is baked, just like delicious Cabbage Pie completed!
This recipe is good for beginner!

Cabbage is ideal as a healthy food to support diets rich in dietary fiber.

Cabbage is the ingredients to a boon what diet not only 23 kcal per 100 g.
Vitamin can only eat about 2-3 by far richer, larger leaf, you can cover one day need vitamins and. Vitamin c prevents wrinkles and sagging skin to bane and diet.

Vitamin C, but many well most, such as a vitamin, B1, B2, E, K, niacin, vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, is included.

3. Rape blossoms of cream soup

Put ground chicken good digestion rape blossoms, which have a plenty of vitamin, it become healthy soup!
Even if colds and hay fever, no appetite, this soup be a necessity and should drink!

Rape blossoms , including beta-carotene and vitamin, E, K, contains rich and minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron. Contained in cruciferous extracts of sulforaphane, have a distinctive bitter.

Carotene or vitamin increased immune system, and prevent colds and prevent aging vitamin working together makes the skin. Moreover, potassium keep salt balance in the body to prevent high blood pressure.
Adult weekly to advise making come carry it!

Here's cooking course schedule is below!

February 5 (Sunday):
1.11:00-15: 00

2.16: 00 -20: 00

February 11 (Saturday): 13: 00-17:00

February 12 (Sunday): 15:30-19:30

And, training of seasonal recipes, two points out of three, or all three points, or choose wine or tea.
Each training time and training fee is below.

2 + 3 Hour tea: 6,000 yen
2 + 4 Hour wine: 7,000 yen
3 Points and + 4 time tea: 7,000 yen
3 + 5 Hour wine: 8,000 yen

Course venue: Suitengu-mae (TOKYO METRO, Hanzo-mon Line)
And early application is so like only 4 name each session and also to the address below!
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This year is a quiet mood of the earthquake, so X’mas illumination of your neighborhood home even than usual slightly understated feel…

Christmas party in the House wants to enjoy the clear desire, though! Or why not challenge handmade X’mas sweets this year toward said?

I'll be make fun figuring out what the party-customers who startled face!

1. White Christmas tree

Outside wrapped in raw snatch - decor team-, Western straining, using white bean jam and rum-raison, hidden inside a delicious double greedy White-tree made!
Because tart Cup Foundation of commercial use, "no time making X’mas cake!" And perfect your busy your grief!
And tempered Argent bling, it's been hearing Christmas song!

2. X’mas tart of bananas and caramel

Filling of caramel with bananas and walnuts, tosses the caramelized to bitter strongly coupled with the bitterness of the Nutcracker, pulls a sweet banana, indescribable sweets of a scent fills the air around!
Like on the decor-raw snatch application-systems, pistachio green, control, makeup portion of tart edge in powder sugar white as snow piled up tree stumps!
This year is bittersweet- X’mas tart, try adult Christmas!

3. Short cake of bean curd

Part of sponge cake, by plus the bean-curd as same amount of flour, also getting to flake and click!

And decoration cream is made from fresh cream and yogurt, so calorie of this cake has been cut in half!

This cake is suitable for who is on a diet at Party season!

4. Gateau chocolat of okara

Without flour, only okara and cocoa, we make a gorgeous Gateau chocolat and it moist baked!

Moist and delicious can better if you can make it one day before is the best!

5. Berry Berry Berry tarte

Three types of berries on this tart make with abundance brighten up Christmas mood, vivid!
By adding almond powder, this tart has a savory flavor!
Sweet and sour taste of the berries and healthy fresh cream snatch-coupled with the team, you, to heaven!

More than do five X’mas sweets workshop dates below!

Please choose the Guide recipes to our making your favorite recipes on your favorite times. And please send a e-mail for 2 days before lesson times, to address as follows;

【This month's recipes】
From the five above, please choose your favorite recipes!

【Training time of the month】
12 / 10 (Saturday)
1.18: 00-20:00

12 / 11 (Sunday)
1.16: 00-18:00
12 / 17 (Saturday)
2.13:00- 15:00

12 / 18 (Sunday)
1.10:00- 12:00

12 / 23 (National holidays, Friday )
1.16: 00- 18:00

【Course venue】: Suitengu-mae(TOKYO METRO, NANZOMON Line)

Training cost :4,000 yen [normally 5,000 yen]
( so many people wish to donate to stricken people C's Cooking, East Japan after the earthquake, than on our each course usually this month, set at 1,000 yen lower amounts. )

Because each session and also will be served reservation, please contact soon to address below it.
# by ciscooking | 2011-12-19 23:08 | Confectionary lesson
Finally this year and plunge in December, has become a temperature throughout the winter seems to be our care??

Seems to be doing even more time to greet the New Year and East Japan after the earthquake this year, but became a really tough year, sure to bond with people than usual and important year.

It is the good news for peoples who are firmly set on making hand-made OSECHI on this year!

Let’s make your own OSECHI, not sold the Department store nor Supermarket, and easy to make this year!

Introducing dividing 12 products came courses annually in C's Cooking here five years, "seasonal recipes" this month's training, and higher popularity of your four boxes of a traditional OSECHI.

[First BOX]:Assorted refreshments

1. Petit rolled with salmon and cucumber

Sliced cucumber, with sliced salmon, colorful and good Assorted refreshments it is!!
This recipe is good for a beginner, because it will be finish quickly!

2. Mayo salmon and salmon roe radish canapes

Across the radish was refreshing and mellow flavor salmon Mayo tried to canapés!
Perfect for new year's salmon roe grain sparkle like gems red, and a contrast with red and white radish is suitable for new year’s celebration!

3. Egg roll oysters with spinach

Add sweet winter spinach and oysters millstone baked eggs and has shades of a clean cut.
Because each here, cooking materials so its shelf life is quite long!

[Second Box]: grilled

4.5 Color omelet

Put carrots, gelatin noodles, field pea and crab's body, it looks brilliant, made eggs baked with plenty of team!
Boil before the material, so it will be finish quickly than normal one, and it use for baking pans is very easy way! Sweetness of the material feel in it, and unique handmade deliciousness!

5. Fill beans baked meat loaf

If used beans that you like, such as Edamame, chick pea,etc… and seasoned with red bean paste, it become very healthy meat loaf!
Edamame is good for especially frequently drink alcohol at the year end ! And red bean paste adds the gentle sweetness!
This meat loaf goes well with heavy red wine full-bodied taste!

6. Tuna Mayo stuffed bell peppers

This taste is not only mellow taste of tuna Mayo, but spicery with red pepper, and beginners also make easy!
Is perfect as a Beer-Lover’s snacks!

[Third Box]: vinegar

7. Mandarin orange and chicken tenders with Japanese dressing


Hollow out of orange contents, use skin as a container, is hospitality winter dish!
Add white wine to white meat of a chicken, and heated in the microwave and just unravel!
Grain with orange juice and mustard sauce and olive oil, made dressing for boils, dress to materials, dishing out instrument voila!

8. Carpaccio of red tuna with Chinese yum

Created a perfect red and white color Carpaccio, seat red tuna and white Chinese yum !
Kochijan dressing is tangy and spicy, and with wasabi dressing, let’s enjoy enhanced the tastiest tuna!

9. Citrus sudachi taste of pickled radish and onion

Enjoy the acidity and citrus peculiar refreshing scent, this vinegar is a simple dish to enjoy radishes chewy!

[Fourth box]: casserole

10 Braised garlic pork

Saturated with a soft sweet taste, juicy pork and garlic , you will not stop chopsticks also drinking!
So can be made in a frying pan, does not fail even for beginners!

11.Simple Bang Bang Ji

Bang Bang Ji, one of my favorite, so I was making every year end, to celebrate, taste better as high class Chinese restaurant outdone, can be very easy to crack!
Extra to be used, after the OSECHI –by using of ramen and the other noodles of put on eating too GOOD!

12. Italian Furofuki (Simmered)-radish

In winter season, radish has getting to increase its sweetness.
Original Japanese Furofuki-radish is simmered radish with boiled water, and served with Miso sauce. But this Italian recipe is, radish stew with dried tomatoes and garlic, and served with Miso and Olive oil sauce.
Dry tomato and garlic make good stock, and the taste of this stock brings out the sweetness of radish.
Let’s enjoy Italian and Japanese recipe at your OSECHI!

Here osechi cuisine course schedule is below!

12 / 10 (Saturday): 14: 00-18: 00

12 / 11 (Sunday): 11:00-15:00

12 / 18 (Sunday): 15: 00- 19: 00

12 / 23 (National holidays, Friday): 11:00- 15: 00

With the "Simply-osechi" this year's course, you can choose 3 points out of the recipe above 12 points or, 4 points, wine or tea.
Each training time and training fee is below.

And because we also use as a relief to the stricken area customers of East Japan after the earthquake, each seminar rates this month than usual 1,000 yen each will be reduced.

4 Points + 3 hour with tea: 7,000 yen

4 Points + 4 Hours with wine: 8,000 yen

3 Points + 2 hour with tea: 6,000 yen

3 Points + 3 hour with wine: 6,500 yen

【Course venue】: Suitengu-mae(TOKYO METRO, NANZOMON Line)

And early application is so like only 4 name each session and also to the address below!
# by ciscooking | 2011-12-19 22:32 | Seasonal recipe
From this month, we introduce you full-course dinner menu, which is cooked with seasonal vegetable.
In commemoration of the first time, we use lotus root, which is the best season in winter.

Lotus root is rich in dietary fiber and starch. Starch is good for your health when you have illness and weakened.
Also lotus root has polyphenol, which has effect of improvement for pollen allergy.

At this time we introduce you 4recepies that are help your health and are delicious!

【Hors d’oeuvre】

1.Sio Kinpira with lotus root and ginko nut

Kinpira is a Japanese cooking style that can be summarised as a technique of "sauté and simmer". It is commonly used to cook root vegetables such as carrot, burdock and lotus root, seaweeds such as arame and hijiki and other foods including tofu and wheat gluten (namafu),and even meat (chicken, pork, beef).
The dish features the use of soy sauce and mirin, as well as often slivered chili peppers.
At this recepi, we use salt instead of soy sauce,for enjoying of original sweetness with lotus root.
You will also enjoy the contrast of color with Aonori’s green color and ginko nut’s yellow color.
This Kinpira goes well well-chilled beer!

2.Baked lotus root with Tofu and Basil cream

This recipe is so simple!
Only cut a slice with lotus root, and put the Tofu and Basil cream on it, and then bake for 8minutes!
Sweet-scented of Basil goes well slightly chilled white wine!

【The main dish】

3.Vegetation loaf with lotus root

At first, mince an onion and lotus root, and stir-fry with olive oil until becoming tender, and then mix all other ingredients.
You can enjoy of this loaf chewy and crispy mouth feel!
Also you can feel crispy flavor which comes from nuts of topping, and this flavor goes well red wine!


4.Marinade of lotus root with mustard

Pickle is the best formula with enjoying crispy mouth feel of lotus root.
Beautiful color of red onion and pop mouth feel with grains of mustard make you becoming to have a hearty appetite, when you have a weak digestion.

Here is the schedule of these cooking lessons as follows;

1.13 th of February (SUN):p.m.17:00~p.m.21:00
2.20th of February (SAT):a.m.11:00~p.m.15:00


Seasonal vegetable full-course dinner menu Lessons are 4courses as follows; so please select your best one!

3dishes + TEA: 3hours/ 6500Yen
3dishes + WINE: 4hours/ 7000Yen
4dishes + TEA: 4hours/ 7500Yen
4dishes + WINE: 4hours/ 8000Yen

As we provide each of session at SUITENGUU-MAE( TOKYO METRO HANZOMON LINE) normally, but from this month, we can provide you the delivery lessons for your home kitchen if you have more than 2 attendance of same session. Please enjoy your special home lesson!(Only for the first attendance, we do not ask for transportation expenses, just ask for session’s fee.)

Available dates are stated on each description of lessons.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible by e-mail as address follows;

You can also see the Home page of C’s cooking as address follows;
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