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Homemade healthy sweets for White day & A cherry blossom-viewing picnic!

At this month we can introduce you homemade healthy sweets, which go well wine, tea and coffee. Let’s enjoy these sweets that are mild sweet, as White day’s & A cherry blossom-viewing picnic sweets!

1.Ginger cookies

These ginger cookies made with oatmeal for crispiness, preserved ginger with syrup and ginger powder for chewy and aroma, dried cherry and cranberry for sweet-and-sour flavor.
You can’t stop taking these ginger cookies any more!
2. Salted caramel with Nuts and Chocolate


Salted caramel become to a hot product recently, so many kinds of salted caramel
be on sale. But this one is original one, that made with rich walnut, almond, cashew nut, and pistachio, and also rich chocolate.
This recipe is very easy, so it is recommendable for beginners!

3.Sprig macaron(Green tea, Cinnamon and Cassis)

<Green tea>

Green tea is vivid green color and has bitterness of Powdered Green tea coupled with sweetness of sweet bean paste, you will feel the arrival of new Japanese macaron!
This Green tea macaron goes well white champagne, green tea and coffee.


The color of Cinnamon macaron is peal brown, and filled with sweet bean paste of cherry blossom is peal pink. So these colors remind us A cherry blossom-viewing picnic!
And its aroma of Cinnamon and bean paste of cherry blossom has felt you that spring has come!


The color of Cassis macaron is peal violet, and filling are sweet-and-sour flavor, Cassis Ganache. So this macaron suit for adult sweets, and goes well white champagne, tea and coffee. Sourness of Cassis makes you looking alive!

At this course, you can choose 1kind of flavor among 3kinds of flavor as above.

Here is the schedule of these confectionary lessons as follows;

13th of March(SAT)
p.m.17:00~p.m.19:00:Ginger cookies

20th of March (SAT)
1.a.m.11:00~p.m.13:00:Salted caramel with Nuts and Chocolate
2.p.m.14:00~p.m.16:00:Ginger cookies
3.p.m.17:00~p.m.19:00:Spring macaron


As we provide each of session at SUITENGUU-MAE( TOKYO METRO HANZOMON LINE) normally, but from this month, we can provide you the delivery lessons for your home kitchen if you have more than 2 attendance of same session.

Please enjoy your special home lesson!(Only for the first attendance, we do not ask for transportation expenses, just ask for session’s fee.)

Available dates are stated on each description of lessons.
We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible by e-mail as address follows;

You can also see the Home page of C’s cooking as address follows;
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