Monthly Schedule of C's cooking lessons

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Let's have a surprised Father's day Party at home restaurant!

We will have Father’s day at 3rd Sunday of this month.
Let’s make a surprised Father’s day party that wonderful menu served by home restaurant!

1.Cream spaghetti with green pea and fruit tomato

Sweetness of fruit tomato and green pea, and rich fresh cream pull together a great taste, and rich cream cheese produce luxury taste also!
This cream spaghetti goes well with ice-cold white champagne or wine!
2.Curried carrot soup

This soup suit for cold soup in summer seasons because hot curry taste heals your summer tiredness.
Setting sweetness of carrot against hotness of curry powder will move your father with suprise!

Here is the schedule of these cooking lessons as follows;
13th of June(SUN):a.m.11:00~p.m.15:00

    (This fees is including the cost of as follows;2recipes as above, White wine, tea)

* At this month, we offer you the special plan that if you have more than 2 attendance of same session, we reduce the session’s fee by 500 yen, and give a hand towel for small present!!

As we provide each of session at SUITENGUU-MAE( TOKYO METRO HANZOMON LINE) normally, but from this month, we can provide you the delivery lessons for your home kitchen if you have more than 2 attendance of same session. Please enjoy your special home lesson!(Only for the first attendance, we do not ask for transportation expenses, just ask for session’s fee.)

Available dates are stated on each description of lessons.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible by e-mail as address follows;

You can also see the Home page of C’s cooking as address follows;
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