Enjoy your New Year’s party with home made healthy New Year’s Dishes!

This month, we introduce you New Year’s Dishes that use lots of seasonal vegetable and fruit for healthy New Year’s party! These Japanese style recipes go well with Japanese sake and White champagne!

1. Chicken fillets and Satsuma with Mustard dressing.

Hollowing a flesh out of Satsuma(mandarin orange) and its skin use for vessel. It is just like winter recipe and suitable for New Year’s Dishes !
Sprinkle with white wine on breast fillets, and heat up in a microwave, and break up it into pieces, then it will be ready.
Make Mustard dressing with whole-grain mustard, juice of Satsuma, and Olive oil, and toss with breast fill, and serve into skin vessel!

This easy and handsome recipe is suit for hors d’oeuvre of New Year’s Dishes! It is good for a dish eaten with sake or White wine also.

2.Namul with Japanese bunching onion and ham

Namul is a general term for a Korean seasoned vegetable dish.Fresh hot taste ob Japanese bunching onion and savory flavor of sesami oil make this Namul for having a relish!
This Namul goes well with slightly cold champagne or Japanese sake.

3.Meatloaf with many kinds of bean and pea

This meatloaf recipe contains many kinds of bean and pea, such as chick pea, green pea, Edamame, and seasons with Red Miso. So this meatloaf is very Japanese style!
Edamame helps liver function, that’s why this meatloaf is suitable for healthy New Year’s season!
This Japanese style meatloaf goes well with White wine!

4.Capelin, pickled in vinegar flavored with chili and onion.

Cut colorful vegetables, such as Red and Yellow and Green peppers and dipped with broiled capelin into vinegar flavored with chili, onion and sliced lemon. Sliced lemon flavor will remove odor left by capelin, and nice flavor of capelin penetrate into vegetables.
It goes well Sake very much! We recommend that to add this recipe for New Year’s Dishes, because New Year’s Dishes become to lack of vegetables.

5.Rolled omelet with vegetables and crabmeat.

Carrot, bean-starch vermicelli, string bean and crabmeat make Rolled omelet colorful and healthy!
Boiled ingredients, cut into fine chopping, mix well egg mixture, so it will be easy way to make soft rolled omelet.
You will enjoy the sweetness from vegetables and crabmeat!

6.BANBAN GI for feast

This BANBAN GI is a very simple recipe, but its taste is so gorgeous!
You can stock this BANBAN GI after using Traditional Japanese New year dishes, for topping on Chinese noodle soup!

Make your 3 dishes choice from 6 above recipes!

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