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In high summer season, we recommend you that feeling be refreshed your exhausting body by the heat with healthy sweets!
At this month we introduce you 2 kinds of sweets that using seasonal tomatoes and citron roll.

1.Tomato cheese mousse

Sweetness and sourness of tomato coupled with rich taste of cheese, it is just like the summer taste!
To make this mousse as healthy sweets, we transpose half of cream cheese with yoghurt,
So it become half of calories cheese mousse than trade version
Also you can serve to freeze this like ice cream in hot summer days!

2.Tomato pound cake

By using dried tomato of fruit tomato, and olive oil which is substitution of butter, this pound cake become having a more sweet and moist taste, also effect of anti-ageing and being moist skin.
And this pound cake ideal for breakfast, as by adding tomato puree for dough, which is intended to produce a more moist cake, being easy to swallow.

3.Citron roll

At mid summer tea times, this sweet and refreshing citron roll makes speeding up your rate of works!
Sweet and sour taste of citron roll save your weariness from the summer heat!
For the top of roll, pour on lots of icing and green orange peel, and it become dramatic interpretation of cool summer tea time!

Here is the schedule of these sweets making lessons as follows;

21st of August (SAT)
1.a.m.11:00~p.m.13:00:Tomato pound cake
2.p.m.14:00~p.m.16:00:Citron roll
3.p.m.17:00~p.m.19:00:Tomato cheese mousse

28th of August (SAT)
1.a.m.11:00~p.m.13:00:Citron roll
2.p.m.14:00~p.m.16:00:Tomato cheese mousse
3.p.m.17:00~p.m.19:00:Tomato pound cake

Fees: 5000 yen

* At this month, we offer you the Summer special plan that if you have more than 2 attendance of same session, we reduce the session’s fee by 500 yen, and give a hand towel for small present!!


As we provide each of session at SUITENGUU-MAE( TOKYO METRO HANZOMON LINE) normally, but from this month, we can provide you the delivery lessons for your home kitchen if you have more than 2 attendance of same session. Please enjoy your special home lesson!(Only for the first attendance, we do not ask for transportation expenses, just ask for session’s fee.)

Available dates are stated on each description of lessons.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible by e-mail as address follows;

You can also see the Home page of C’s cooking as address follows;
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